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Beginner’s Guide

How to Enter DOOR

①Access a room.
  • ①ルームへのアクセス
  • You can enter the room in three ways from the entrance and the list of recommended rooms.

    Enter the room right now
    You can enter the room without any avatar settings. It can be set even after entering the room.
    Enter the room
    Enter the room by setting the avatar and name.
    Enter the room with VR gear
    You can enter the room using a VR device.
②Set up an avatar.
  • ②アバターを設定
  • Select your avatar and enter a name. You can customize your avatar to your liking.
③Set up your audio and microphone.
  • ③Set up your audio and microphone.
  • You can select the microphone you will use while in the room, check your sound before entering, or set the sound to “mute.”

Experience the space in the tutorial room!

We have prepared a tutorial room where you can actually experience the operation in the space.
Please try the operation in the space according to the contents drawn on the signboard.