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What is DOOR app?

With this app you can use DOOR with higher quality.
More events will be held in the future.
Please download to enjoy more.
About DOOR app

Room operation and environment

Video is not played on iPhone / iPad

The video will not be played when "Request desktop website" is selected in Safari on iOS13 or later.
Tap the upper left corner of the browser where shows "Small or Large" icon, and select "Request Mobile Website".

The link doesn't work on my smartphone

Allow "Pop-Up" in the settings of iPhone / iPad
Settings--> Safari-->OFF "Pop-up"

Loud sound even though the sound is minimized on the iPhone

Older devices and lower OS versions can cause this to happen.
Updating may fix the problem, but depending on the device, it may not.

What devices/browsers are supported?

Supported devices/browsers are listed here. We recommend the latest versions of all of them.

【PC / Smartphone】
Microsoft Edge Google Chrome Firefox Safari
Windows 10 -
Macintosh OS X 10.11~ ×
Android × -
iPhone / iPad - ×
【VR Device】
Oculus Browser Firefox Reality
Oculus Quest

I can't use DOOR in Microsoft Edge.

If you are using Microsoft Edge, you may not be able to use the DOOR on older versions.
Please update Edge since it works on the latest version.

What characters can I use for my avatar's nickname?

For Japanese, you can use hiragana, katakana, and most common-use kanji and kanji for personal names (some are not available)
Only half-width alphanumeric characters are supported. Spaces are not allowed.
If the character is not supported on DOOR, the character will not be displayed

When entering a room with Oculus, the "Enter room right now" does not appear.

That button will be displayed only on PC and smartphone
When you use Oculus, please select "Join room"

Other people can't hear me

Please make sure that your browser allows your microphones and that they are not muted.
If the mic button doesn't work, the microphone is blocked in your browser settings. Please allow the microphone in your browser and connect to the room again.
If you are unable to connect even after allowing microphones, the communication may be blocked due to firewall settings in your office or campus network environment.
In addition to ports 80 and 443 for general HTTP communication, ports 51610 to 65535 for TCP/UDP need to be allowed.

What are the recommended specificatons?

DOOR can be used with ordinary PC specifications.
However, it may freeze or be slow if you are in a network environment or doing heavy work elsewhere, or if you are in a heavy room with a lot of objects.
Please try to refresh the page once to solve the problem.
Because of these various factors, we currently do not specify the recommended specifications.

I can't see your face in my video avatar.

You need to change into video avatar and then select "Avatar Camera" from "Share"
For instructions on how to set up a video avatar, please refer to the explanation with images below.
Settings and Changes of Avatar

Report for legal reasons.

If you find any content on DOOR that violates the law or infringes your rights, please notify us through the contact.
We will review the content and consider whether or not to remove it.

▶︎Contact us

AudioZone from room layout function doesn't work

It doesn't work in some versions of iOS
We are investigating and taking action for improvement.

Creation of room and avatar

Is there a limit to the number of rooms I can create?

No, there is no limitations.

Is there a limit to the size of the room I create?

Yes, the room size is 128 MB at most

When a scene is released to the public, a performance check will take place based on the following aspects
-Polycount: Within 50,000
-Material: Within 25
-Texture : RAM texture within 256 MB
-Light: Within 3 (Except ambient light and Hemisphere light)
-File size: Less than 16 MB
*This is based on mobile devices, and should be considered as a rough guide.

Is there an open period for the rooms I create?

There are no specific rules. Unless you delete it yourself or violate the terms and it is removed, it will remain permanently.

Can I transfer a room I created from my account to someone else?

Rooms are not transferable. This is prohibited by the Terms of Service.

I want to adjust the volume of the video placed in the room.

When you place the cursor over the video, the volume control buttons will appear.
Set the volume to 0 to mute the sound.

URL thumbnails and Japanese characters in PDFs placed in the room are garbled.

Japanese cannot be displayed because multibyte characters are not supported.
By placing another image on top of the thumbnail, you can press the link without losing its appearance.
In the case of PDF, please use a file printed as an image to avoid garbled characters.

Items placed in the room go to the other side of the wall and cannot be moved.

You cannot select and remove items that are placed behind walls or other objects.
If you leave the room and come back in, the item will be removed.

What file formats can I upload to DOOR?

Please refer to the list below
-Picture (.png, jpeg, gif)
-Video (.mp4 is recommended, URL for video services such as YouTube and Vimeo)
-Web link (URL format)
-PDF (.pdf)
-3D model (.glb)

If I leave my room in a CRAFT ROOM, does that room remain?

That room will remain permanently unless you select "Menu" -> "Close room".
You can enter the room with same URL at any time, but it is recommended to add it to "Favorites" for quick access.

How many people can enter a room at a time?

We recommend 24 people at most at a time for comfortable use.
But it depends on the room size.
Menu--> "Room Info & Settings" -->"Edit" in the upper right corner to set the maximum number of people allowed in the room.
The default setting is 24 people. No more than 50 people, including those in the lobby, can be in the same room.

Can I import 3D models?

DOOR supports gltf, glb models. You can create models with softwares like Blender.

Why items disappear once I leave the room?

They usually disappear when you leave the room.
If you want to keep an item in your room, move the cursor over the item and press the space bar, then select "pin" to pin it. The pinned item will remain in the room until it is unpinned or deleted.

Is it possible to prevent other people from placing items or using the camera in my room?

Menu-->Room Info & Settings --> Edit
You can change settings for "Create and move objects" "Create Cameras" "Pin objects" "Create emoji"

Can I create original avatars?

You can create your own avatars with an avatar making app.
Please refer to the internal link below.
How to create your original avatars

You can import the glb file of your avatar to DOOR with the following procedure.
Menu-->Change name & avatar-->Change avatar
 You can also upload your avatar by clicking "Avatar GLB URL" on the upper right corner

Can I place a link to another room?

Yes, please just put the URL of the room.
Or paste the URL into the chat box and press the stick icon.

Can I post my room on the DOOR website?

Please contact us from the contact form.
Please note that we may not be able to publish some of the content.

What happens when the room is full?

Notice will appear and no more people can enter the room.
You can check by limiting the capacity "1"

Please refer to the link below how to change the capacity.
Settings for your room

Loading a scene has failed in Room layout function

As a common case, if double-byte characters are used in object names, the scene will fail to load.
There are various other cases. If the problem doesn't solve, we recommend that you create again.

Can I allow only certain people to enter the room?

When you create a room, it will have a limited URL, and only people who know the room URL can access it.

In case your URL is published, you can reset it and create a new limited URL as many times as you want.
When a new URL is created, the old one will no longer be accessible.
You can change the setting to "Invite only"

Please refer to the link below for room settings.
Settings for your room

Objects behind are transparent

After the update in October 2021, it may occur depending on the settings when outputting 3D models.

When I install a video (mp4, etc.) in a room, the "broken media link" mark appears.

It may be happening because of the large size of the video.
If you compress the video, you may be able to install it, so please try it.

Can Fabbox's 3DCG data be used for anything other than DOOR?

When using Fabbox 3DCG data in DOOR, it can be used only in DOOR.
Modification or redistribution by downloading the data itself is prohibited.


Can I use DOOR for commercial purposes?

You need to contact us in advance via the contact form below. If you are not using for commercial purposes, you do not need to contact us for new projects. You are free to use DOOR as you like.
For example:
Selling products and tickets on DOOR, directing users to external commercial services, and using the DOOR as a museum with works by artists.
The production of works for use within DOOR is not considered commercial use.

Contact form

<Please fill in information below>
Company name, Person in charge, TEL number, Company UR, -Products to sell, Online sales page that will be linked from DOOR room

Can I have a material of DOOR service?

"Corporate customers"You can download at the bottom of "Corporate customers"

I'd like to hold an event on DOOR

Please refer to "Corporate customers". There are some examples of past events held on DOOR
If you have any questions or concerns about organizing an event, please contact us using the contact form.

Can I mute the use of audio in a room?

If you are the room creator or an authorized person by the room creator, you can mute all members in the room or only specific members. You can mute a member by clicking the "People" on the upper right of the screen.
However, it is not possible to control the mute completely, as the user can turn the mic on again by themselves

Q. Can I control text chats?

It is currently not possible to control the use of text chat.

Do you have any examples of use for schools?

There have been a lot of use by educational institute.
Please refer to the examples or the "recommended" on the top page.

How to use DOOR
vol.01 PR room
vol.03 Visiting Day

Can I host a seminar using presentation?

It's possible to hold seminars and lectures with sharing the screen of the presentation.
Click "Share" at the bottom, and select "Screen" to display the sharing screen in the room.
When you slide down the material, the shared screen reflect the same.

Please refer to the link below how to share the screen
Sharing screen, live streaming

Can you hold events for hundreds or thousands of people?

It can be possible by operational innovations.
Currently, the recommended number of users in a room is 24, but you can achieve this by creating many identical rooms.

Please refer to FAQ on "Corporate customer" page.

Can I stream a live?

It's possible in 3D space.
Here is an example of how you can use Vimeo for live streaming.
For live streaming on Vimeo, you will need a Premium or Enterprise plan.

1. Settings for streaming on Vimeo
-Log in Vimeo
-Place a cursor on "New Video" on the upper right, and click "Create live event" in the menu
-On the preview-->Manage Production--> Stream via RTMP-->Copy "RTMPS URL" and "Stream Key"

2. Settings for OBS Studio
-Launch OBS Studio
-In the settings, choose "Steam" on the left of the window
-Set the service "Custom"
-In "server", fill in "RTMPS URL" that you copied in 1
-In Stream Key, fill in "Stream Key" that you copied in 1
-Click "Apply" on the right bottom
-Click "Start"

3. Generate URL for live streaming, and how to place on DOOR
-Return to the Vimeo screen, check that the screen delivered by OBS Studio is displayed on the preview screen, and click the "Set up event" button at the top right of the screen.
-Select "Embed" at the top right of the screen.
URL of the video in the embedded tag (copy https: // to id00000)
* After, it will be unique to the video.
-Paste the copied URL into the DOOR3D space and check that the live video delivered by Vimeo is displayed.
-Click "Advanced Settings" on the menu. ("Advanced Settings" won't appear unless the streaming is started on OBS Studio)
-Upper right of "Advanced Settings"--> Share-->Copy Link
-Paste the URL on the DOOR room, and confirm the live is displayed appropriately.

Some people may not be able to view the live depending on their network environment or device specifications.
To prepare for such a situation, we recommend that you prepare an external 2D service for live streaming.

I want to broadcast events held in the DOOR to Vimeo.

Here is an example of how you can broadcast DOOR events using Vimeo
※For live streaming on Vimeo, you will need a Premium or Enterprise plan.

1. Settings for streaming on Vimeo
-Log into Vimeo
-Place a cursor on "New Video" on the upper right, and click "Create live event" in the menu
-On the page for settings of live event, enter information of the event and click"Next" on the upper right corner.
-On the preview-->Production--> Streaming via RTMP-->Copy "RTMPS URL" and "Stream Key"

2. Settings for OBS Studio
-Launch OBS Studio
-In the settings, choose "Steam" on the left of the window
-Set the service "Custom"
-In "server",fill in "RTMPS URL" that you copied in 1
-In Stream Key, fill in "Stream Key" that you copied in 1
-Click "Apply" on the bottom right
・OBS Click the "+" button at the bottom of the "Source" window of the OBS Studio to add "Window Capture".
-When the window capture properties open, select the browser in which DOOR is open from the "Window" field, and click the "OK"
-If you want to deliver audio too, click "+" at the bottom of the "Source" window and add "Audio Output Capture".
-Select the device that is outputting the audio from your computer from the "Device", and click "OK" . (The settings may vary depending on the user.)
-Click "Start Streaming" to start

Is there any service fees?

You will not be charged when you create rooms by yourself.
There are no running costs such as server fees currently.