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Corporate customers

"DOOR opens the space free of charge to support companies and individuals in an environment that is easy to use even in business scenes such as product sales, live distribution, and meetings.
Templates are also available, so you can customize it to your liking and create a 3D space."
*For commercial use, advance application is required.

Start a business with DOOR

  • Easy room creation

    Templates and 3D items can also be used

  • Multi-device support

    Room creation and visits are possible from the browser

  • Safe and secure environment

    Managed by NTT standard security

DOOR is perfect for starting a virtual business! Feel free to get started!

  • Free of charge
  • No app instollation
  • Customizable
  • Supports from DOOR to

Differences from virtual space (3D) web conferencing systems

At DOOR,experience the enthusiasm and unity from users around the world.

With an avatar, you can freely move around in a 3D space, communicate by voice, text, and emotes.

In addition to one-to-many, many-to-many communication is also possible

Multiple people can talk by voice in the same space they are in. Since there is sound attenuation due to distance. The voice of the nearest person is loud, while a distant person is quiet.Which makes many-to-many communication smooth, as if they were in reality.

Express your personality through an avatar
Avatar similar to yourself, live camera

In addition to choosing your favorite avatars such as men, women, animals, you can display your face in real time with a webcam, and you can express your individuality with avatars that resemble your own appearance or original avatars.

Use cases / introduction cases

Examples of events and videos on how to use DOOR

  • Business Events

    Screen sharing is possible even in 3D space, and it can be used for business events as a place for presentations such as seminars and lectures.

  • School / Education

    Even in a school in virtual space, it is possible to hold not only classes but also school events such as open campuses.

  • Regional revitalization support

    You can recreate tourist spots in a virtual space, hold exchange events with local people, and convey the charm of the area.

  • In-house character event

    You can develop content according to the world view of the work, such as exhibitions and fan events inviting celebrities.

  • Large-scale event

    Since the space can be laid out freely, it is possible to hold an exhibition and sale event that gathers multiple stores in one space.

  • Virtual shop

    Products are displayed in the space, and customers are invited to the room to serve customers by voice. Transactions are made on your own sales site.

  • Paid billing event

    You can set restrictions on admission to the created room and hold limited events such as live concerts and social gatherings.

  • Live streaming

    With the live distribution platform, live distribution can be easily realized by copy and paste!

Introducing various other ways to use DOOR

Creators Interview "Open DOOR"

Introducing the story of the creator who held an event using DOOR

  • 2021.09.02

    Isekai Museum

  • 2021.09.28

    Shurijo Castle Park (Okinawa Prefecture), Sendai Castle (Miyagi Prefecture), etc.

  • 2021.11.30

    ANREALAGE Collection room

  • 2021.12.28

    Gugenka Virtual Exhibition

  • 2022.02.08

    Adachi-ku junior high school student fire extinguishing corps online joint training

  • 2022.02.25

    Kamihitoe exhibition Virtual Gallery

  • 2022.03.29

    VR Odori Park Snow Festival

Room production method

Easy-to-use template function without 3D space creation technology

Templates for stores, offices, live music venues, and other business applications are also available. You can freely place your own images, videos, and 3D data, and even beginners can easily operate and create rooms. You can also use the room layout function to create a completely original room.

Template list

Room layout function that can be customized in various ways

It is possible to expand the template and create an original room from scratch. In addition, it is equipped with a highly flexible function that allows you to install your own 3D model or import 3D data from 3DCG software such as Blender to realize the content you want to express.
* Some paid customizations will be announced individually.

Room layout

Difference between template function and Room layout function

Template Room layout
Room decoration
Delete / change objects embedded in the template ×
Room expansion and processing ×
Room duplication ×
Importing 3D data from external 3DCG software ×

* Decoration is required each time.

Prior application is required for commercial use. Click here for "Application for Commercial Use" Please contact us from the inquiry form as it is necessary for the management side to handle automatic room distribution settings and server expansion for large-scale events.



Q.What can I do on DOOR?
A.Events and exhibitions on 3D space
Functionally, it allows creation and decoration of 3D spaces and avatar communication
-Creation and decoration of 3D space (Video & Live streaming, Installation of pictures including external link and 3D object)
-Communication (Voice & text messaging, share screen, emoji, hand clapping)
It is also possible to create decorations and effects unique to virtual spaces
Basic Operations
Q. What are the features of DOOR compared to other VR services?
A.DOOR is accesible in a web browser and possible for multi-devices.

-DOOR is WebVR. No app installation is required.
 -Enter by clicking URL. Easy to share on SNS and move to other services
-Create rooms in a web browser. Easy to update and edit.
-Using DOOR platform currently doesn't cost anything.

-Compared to app-based VR, the number of polygons is limited and the quality of details is inferior.
-Program actions (such as opening a treasure chest) like in games are not available.
Q.What are the differences from Mozilla Hubs?
A.This serves offers Japanese and is operated with high security at the NTT management level.
-Japanese UI
-Original room templates and 3D objects (DOOR items)
-System configuration that meets NTT's security standards
-Regular room monitoring
Q.Are there any service fees?
A.There is no service fee now.
Please contact us in advance for commercial use, and after confirmation, you can use for free.
There are no running costs such as server fees currently.
Please note that there is a possibly of change, depending on the future service policies.
Q.Can I request the creation of a 3D space (room)?
A.We will consult with you on a case-by-case basis.
Please note that we have received a large number of inquiries and are focusing on developing and maintaining the platform to make DOOR more widely available. We may not be able to respond to all requests. We also recommend you consider outsourcing to a company that specializes in 3D production such as Unity.

The production period may vary, but please allow 1-3 months for your request.
The cost will vary depending on how the 3D space is created. We will provide you with an estimate after hearing about your needs.

Creation and function of a room

Q.Can I hold an event for 100 people?
A.Currently, we recommend 25 users in one room at a time.
The maximum number of users can be raised to 50 by the settings, but we recommend 25 users to take into account connections from smartphones.
Therefore, to hold a event for100 people, you'll prepare room with 25 people x 4. For 1000 people, you'll prepare 40 rooms.
Room layout function allows you to duplicate multiple rooms from one scene.
You can place links of multiple rooms on the web pages to divide visitors into different rooms.
Please note that in this case, people in different rooms cannot communicate each other.
・Create an original rooms with room layout function (bottom of the page)
-How to use room layout function
Q.Can I create a room that only certain users can enter?
A.We do not provide a member management function. Therefore it is currently not possible to allow only specific users to enter.
However, when you create a room, URL will be generated, and only those who know the URL can enter the room. Therefore the room will not be open to public unless you announce the URL.
We recommend you consider sending the URL to specific members via e-mail, or placing the URL in a separate service from DOOR, where only authorized users can see it.
Q.Do you have a membership management system?
A.Currently, there is no function for member management or personal authentication.
Q.Do you have a payment and billing system?
A.There is no system currently.
You can place a link in the image to lead to a sales page, e-commerce site, etc.
Q.Is it possible to collect membership data at an event?
A.Since we do not have membership information, we cannot obtain information about who visited and when.
Also, the number of video views in the event cannot be collected.
Q.Can I control text chats and audio?
A.If you are the room creator or a person who allowed by the room creator, you can mute all users in the room at once.
However, it is not possible to control the mute completely, as the user can turn the mic on again by themselves
It is currently not possible to control the use of text chat.
It is possible to kick out malicious users, but they can still re-enter the room.
Q.Can I customize my avatar?
A.Yes, you can.
It is possible to upload the GLB of your avatar model.
How to register your avatar.


Q.Can I use DOOR on any PC? What are the recommended specifications?
A.Due to various factors, we do not announce a recommended specification at this time, but general PC are sufficient for use.
However, it may freeze if you are in a network environment or doing heavy work elsewhere, or if you are in a heavy room with a lot of objects.
Please try to refresh the page once to solve the problem.
Q.Are there any precautions when conducting an event?
A.You can avoid problems in advance by providing extensive support according to each event, such as announcing information on how to use the 3D space for beginners, or preparing 2D contents for those who cannot view the contents due to their environment.
・It would be helpful to set up a sign near the entrance to guide first-time visitors to the event site on how to operate the system and precautions.
・We recommend you mute inappropriate participants or remove them from the room to avoid troubles.-
・The video playback may be unstable depending on the device and OS, especially on smartphones.
As an operational measure, we are currently providing a link to a 2D video streaming web page.
It is recommended that you test and rehearse once when delivering video and live streaming.
Please note that NTT cannot guarantee in case video doesn't work on the day of the event due to server trouble or other reasons.
Q.How do you branch a room for a large event?
A.If more than 24 people access the room at the same time in a large event, we will set the room distribution setting so that many people can participate in the event at the same time. (It will be charged)

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

Prior confirmation of commercial use

In case of commercial use, prior confirmation is required.
For example: selling products and tickets on DOOR, directing users to external commercial services, and using the DOOR as a museum with works by artists.
※The production of works for use within DOOR is not considered commercial use.

Please fill in the following information and contact us using the contact form.
<Please fill in information below>

  • -Company name
  • -Person in charge
  • -TEL number
  • -Company URL
  • -Products to sell
  • -Online sales page that will be linked from DOOR room

We regularly monitor the contents posted in the rooms and videos, 3D objects, etc., and may delete the contents without notifying you if we deem that the contents fall under the prohibited acts in the Terms of Service, Section 14.

Media material

Useful information and material for DOOR